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WAS Re: [Audacity-users] Detect USB devices connects/disconnects whileAudacity is running
> ... Than over to some thing else, if you don't mind. Sorry to mis-use this
> conversation. May be I should post to a more appropriate place.

It's fine to ask on this list which is "users helping users" with (sometimes)
a little help from Audacity Team.

But it's better to start a complete new topic, because this helps people
searching for whatever you may be asking about.

> My use case is mostly to practice singing. That means, loading a song
> of a professional singer, recording my own voice, listening back,
> recording again, etcetera, etcetera... and many more etcetera's :-)
> I will in some cases mute the professional singer on playback, or adjust
> volume per track to better hear what I am doing.
> In this process it would help if I could stick to a single recording track
> which I can re-record as often as I want.
> That would save me some mouse clicks to delete the previous recording
> each time.
> Do you think this is possible.
> I haven't been able to find a way to do this?

In Audacity Beta only, you can hold SHIFT and click Record (or
SHIFT + R) to record at the end of the selected tracks(s).

You cannot record over a mistake or over any existing area in the
same track (known as "punch-in" recording). You will have to record
on a new track underneath to do that, by clicking "Record" or using
the "R" shortcut. This sounds more like what you are doing, so it's a
"feature request" and we'll add your vote.

Great. This is a much needed feature; to be able to record
a new track in parallel to existing tracks of a song; sort of like the
old multi-track tape recorders.