Hi Gale,

I sent updates often because I couldn't test them.
Of course, I'll translate more between each update, if it's tiring to push them to the server.


2013/6/28 Gale Andrews <gale@audacityteam.org>

| From Dániel Bara <bdani2000@gmail.com>
| Thu, 27 Jun 2013 11:21:29 +0200
| Subject: [Audacity-translation] Hungarian website update
> I've updated the Hungarian website translations.

Hi Dániel,

Thanks, but is there any chance you can offer more translated
strings between each update?

12 newly translated strings is really not in my opinion worth the
effort of checking, committing and pushing when only 15% is

Can you at least fully translate the front page, so that this is

"Audacity 2.0.3 now uses the libsoxr resampling library by default,
instead of libresample, for higher quality and speed. Time Tracks have
been improved and bug fixed, and new effects include an accessible
Adjustable Fade. See the 2.0.3 Release Notes for details."

Then I'll commit a new update and any other strings you translate
in the meantime.



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