I think a large project should translate in local.

Using tools like Virtaal and TMX the problem does not arise with big chains with minimal change

2012/8/30 Thomas De Rocker <thomasderocker@hotmail.com>

I have a request. I'm sure it's already mentioned before by other translators, but I'd like to ask it again. Is it possible for the people managing the site to make all monstrous big strings into lots of small ones? At the moment, it's a hell for translators to have to search for a modified URL or word in a "string" that takes up a whole page!

I'm also thinking about the people who would like to translate on line using Transifex (including myself). Transifex doesn't use "fuzzy" translations and erases the whole translation of every fuzzy one. This means we have to re-translate EVERYTHING every time a string is edited only one character! This is no problem for me if the strings are only 10-20 words long, but like i said... a whole page to re-translate is a bit too much.
Also, a lot of small strings are easier to manage in my opinion. And if a source string is edited, on the web site there won't be a completely untranslated page, but only that specific sentence/string.

I understand if it will be difficult to edit all strings in the original .pot file, but once it's done, it will benefit all translations/translators/readers!

Maybe it's easier to create an offline .pot at first, to give translators the chance to copy their translations in (so they don't lose the already translated strings), or do the reverse... back up all current .po files and create new ones from the start?

Thanks in advance!


Thomas De Rocker
Dutch translations

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