If I get this correctly....the video sound is on multiple tracks?  If so, save as it's own mp3 which will combine them into one track.  From there you can import the one video sound track into Audacity; then, under the Project tab add a new stereo or plain audio track for the separate audacity recording.  You can then proceed to edit them as you wish.  When done save it as it's own mp3 which, again, will combine the two tracks into one.

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 3:33 AM, will lorimer <willlorimer@yahoo.com> wrote:

anyone out there got tips to lay in a separate audacity recording  onto a video project which is recorded now, and edited. .At the same time of t he video recording, I recorded  a separate sound track using audacity, 1.2. So now, I want to  merge the video sound track, which I have extracted,  with the audacity recording, which is superior in sound  quality. My  difficulty is, the video recording has been edited from lots of different takes,  and so, those  first have found on my audacity recording , and then accurately  inserted, on a separate track,  ensuring that they  match exactly.

  I hope that is all  clear.

thanks, Will

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