On 30 December 2013 16:54, Chris Green <cl@isbd.net> wrote:
I'm running audacity 2.03 on xubuntu 13.10, the previous version I was
running was audacity 2.01 on xubuntu 12.04.  I'm finding horizontal
scrolling rather less easy then it was.

I suppose this might be due to changes in [x]ubuntu but anyway I'd like
to get some improvement.

First problem, there are now no buttons at the ends of the horizontal
scroll bar under a recording so the only method to scroll horizontally
is to drag the marker.  I need a smoother, slower way to move the

I think that must be an (x)ubuntu issue. I still have the arrow buttons with Audacity 2.0.6 alpha on Debian Squeeze. I'd suggest that you raise that with (x) ubuntu.

Secondly, (not a change from the previous version), Is there any way
to move the recorded track horizontally very slowly (or more
correctly, in very small increments)?  

If you have a wheel mouse you can hold down the shift key and use the mouse wheel.
To move in smaller increments, zoom in closer.
You can zoom in/out with Ctrl + mouse wheel.

As it is at present it's very
difficult to search for particular 'things' (like clicks one wants to
eliminate) where they are buried in some noisy music and don't stand
out like most do.  

The track "Spectrogram" view can be helpful for picking out clicks.
Select "Spectrogram" from the track drop down menu, and if necessary zoom out vertically (right click on the vertical scale) so that you can see up to 10 kHz or more. Clicks will often show as vertical red lines in the display.


Once one has selected the section where the noise
is it would be useful to be able to expand it and then slowly scroll
along looking for obvious 'noise'.  ...  but I can't see any way to
scroll slowly.

Chris Green

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