On Sun, Apr 28, 2013 at 10:46 PM, Gale Andrews <gale@audacityteam.org> wrote:

I think it's Widgets on Windows that is out of line here, as I indicated
before. All the non-Widgets programs I have tried on Windows that
allow customisation of shortcuts show CTRL + = in the input box if
you hold CTRL and press the +/= key. If you set that shortcut, the
menu shows CTRL + = .

After all, other keys do not show the SHIFT variant of the key even
if you hold the SHIFT key with them e.g. holding SHIFT and pressing
the ( / 9 key enters SHIFT + 9 in the input box in Audacity, not
SHIFT + ( .

On Windows yes like Bill sees, browsers hack CTRL + + to perform
zoom in, but neither IE, Firefox or Chrome actually let you change
keyboard shortcuts without adding extensions.

Hi Gale,
I think that wxWidgets on windows is behaving appropriately for windows.
When you press the key which includes the plus symbol, whether this is the = key on us/uk keyboards, or the plus key on other keyboards,  the keydown event has the  key code vk_oem_plus, and this is interpreted as +. I don't think this is a hack.

Re: testing on non us/uk keyboards - I meant changing the operating system setting for the language layout of the keyboard rather than having to use an actual non us/uk keyboard.