On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 5:17 PM, James Crook <crookj@indigo.ie> wrote:

For 2.0.4 I am not planning to change the wording.  We're effectively in string freeze already.

If Audacity comes temporarily comes out of string freeze before the 2.0.4 release, then maybe someone could add something like the following text at to top of the dialog:

Information for visually impaired users who are using a screen reader. To install all the plugins, simply press the OK button. The list view of plug-ins is a check box list view, and despite what screen readers say, all the plug-ins are initially checked.

This dialog only appears for people with plugins, and I think the OK and CANCEL will be good enough.  OK will work if there are no problematic plugins.

Jaws reads the dialog roughly as follows:
Install VST Effects, Select Plugins to install, list view, unselected, c:\users\etc

So what does a user do next? How do they know that they should simply press the OK button to install all the plug-ins?

  It is way better than not being able to use Audacity.
Agreed. I just think that users of screen readers should be able to install all the plug-ins as easily as sighted users.
  Sighted users additionally now have ability to choose which plugins.  VI users don't yet.  That can come later - after 2.0.4.

My concern is that VI users may have problems installing all the plug-ins.