On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 12:11 PM, James Crook <crookj@indigo.ie> wrote:
On 26/08/2013 12:16, David Bailes wrote:

> I presume there's some reason why you couldn't use a wxCheckListBox.
No arrow beside the item to show progress is possible with wxCheckListBox.

If the navigation of the list can't be fixed, then an alternative to the arrow would to to add a column to the list, which contains a status, for example scanned, scanning, on fire, etc. 

> It has standard keyboard navigation, which would obviously be helpful
> to keyboard users, but unfortunately, whether the checkboxes are
> checked doesn't appear in the accessibility api, and so screen readers
> can't read this info. It might have been possible to work around this
> problem by appending -on or -off to the accessibility name of the item
> to indicate the state.
Keyboard navigation with revision r12487 now a little better, for non VI

But for screen reader users it could cause problems. For example, the first arrow down changes the state of the first item, pressing home and end also change state. Just by reading the list, the user changes the state.
I agree about -on -off being a good idea.

-checked and -not checked are also contenders.