On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 1:02 PM, James Crook <crookj@indigo.ie> wrote:

> * I found no way to screen-read the list on NVDA.
Unfortunately the list is likely to remain screen reader unfriendly, as
I have to do a trick where I immediately deselect a line that has just
been selected and instead check or uncheck the checkbox.  This is going
to mess with screen readers.  Being screen reader unfriendly is a lesser
evil than the P2 bug I was addressing.

I presume there's some reason why you couldn't use a wxCheckListBox. It has standard keyboard navigation, which would obviously be helpful to keyboard users, but unfortunately, whether the checkboxes are checked doesn't appear in the accessibility api, and so screen readers can't read this info. It might have been possible to work around this problem by appending -on or -off to the accessibility name of the item to indicate the state.