On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 9:27 AM, Leland <leland@audacityteam.org> wrote:
So, when I started fiddling around with the keyboard prefs, I wondered
why there wasn't an accelerator assigned to the "Set" button.  Couldn't
figure it out so assigned one while I was assigning for the new controls.

I've just figured out why...

Select any entry in the tree/name view and then get over to the hotkey
edit control.  Press "ALT+S" to assign to that entry.  What just
happened is that not only did ALT+S get added to the hotkey control, but
it was also set in the view above.

The reason is that the ALT+S accelerator was executed as soon as you
pressed the keys and this is not what is desired.  This will happen with
any of the accelerators on that window.

Here's another one for you Windows ppl.

Do the same thing, but this time try assigning ALT+SHIFT+S.  The same
thing happens...accelerator is executed.

I've done a little fiddling around and on Windows, it seems that ALT+S
and ALT+SHIFT+S are the same thing.  On GTK, they are different and I
have now idea what's accepted on the Mac (I can't remember how to use
Voiceover for the life of me).

Now, on Windows, I can (fairly easily) make the hotkey edit control
accept any key combo and have it ignore the accelerator IF the hotkey
edit control has the focus.  Otherwise the accelerators would work as

I can't do that on GTK without some difficulty and even that is only an
untest idea at this point.

On Mac...again...I have no idea.

So, the question to y'all...

Is it worth it to try and prevent the accelerators for executing while
the hotkey edit control has focus?

On windows....
If keyboard shortcuts of the form alt+alphanumeric and alt+shift+alphanumeric are used  in Audacity, then I think that when the edit box is the focus, then the access keys should be disabiled (letters of the access keys in the dialog will vary with language).

One possibility for how to press the set button, when the edit box is the focus, is that if the edit box is the focus, and it contains text, then the set button temporarily becomes the dialog's default button. So a user can press the set button by pressing enter.
However, pressing tab, then enter is quite usable, and it's been like that for ages...

These are some problems with using shortcuts of the form alt+alphanumeric, but I'll discuss those on audacity-quality.