I would like to submit a plugin to be included with Audacity, if there is any interest in it.
It's a splitter setup to be used for large Audio Book files. These usually come in several hour long audio files, and can cause problems with some players. Ideally people, like myself, want them split into 20 minute long files, without splitting words in the middle.
Most audio splitters I tested could do eaither time or silence detection. With time it always cut at 20 minutes regardless if the narrator was speaking or not, so during track switches you could get cut up words or stuttering. With silence detection, since it was somebody speaking, you could end up with thousands of splits as it cut single words or sentences. No solution I could find offered a mixture of both.
Failing to locate something pre made I made some modifications to the existing SilenceMarker.ny plugin that comes with Audacity already. This was a Silence detection splitter, which would label the audio track at silences. I modified it to add gaps before searchign for the next silence. I gave the user the option of controlling the length, as well as including the settings for the silence detection.
I also added an option to make nicer labels, as the default seemed to be just 'S' for them all with the silence detector. The process allows the labeled to be given a prefix (for the book name/number) and then a starting track number. This way when you do an export multiple you can just use the label names for the file name.
I have used this to update several audio books that I was doing by hand, and the process has been working perfectly so far. It's quick and very clean, and I would like to share it with the world if anybody thinks there is value to it.
Please let me know if it could be included, and how I would best submit it.
Stewart Willis