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As to the long-term storage medium, you may prefer CD-R. While the
medium is the same, when burning choose this instead of Audio CD mode,
except if you will play it on an old player which cannot read CD-R. The
preference is because CD-R has much more redundancy so error correction
strategy is far better. Audio CD repairs erros by interpolation, so
quality may fluctuate. CD-R yields a bit by bit coincidence. In any
case, purchase good quality media.

Don't rely on any CD or DVD media for long term storage. The bits fall off (not a technical explanation) ... and the problem is you never know just when that will happen. Have a few hard drives around (they are very cheap these days) is, IMHO, much safer. Copy your complete data set every few years and you'll be happy.

Don't even ask how I know about bits falling off CDs! Even when they are high quality and stored properly. Funny, even old fashioned cylinder records have a better archival lifespan :)

If my math is correct you could store about 1500 CDs (assuming they contain the full 700 meg they are capable of, and most are much smaller) on a 1 terabyte HD costing well under $100.

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