On 22/12/12 01:05, Gale (Audacity Team) wrote:

I've found a repeatable problem I don't understand (tested on Windows 7
and Ubuntu). It isn't possible to drag or set an envelope point above a
range of 200.


1 New Time Track
2 Set any "lower speed limit" < or = 200
3 Set any "higher speed limit" > 200

Same issue with linear or logarithmic scale.

Same with your v2 patch I tested on 16th December

Issue does not occur with your v1 patch I tested on 10th December.
Yes, that's a result of some code in the Envelope class that was intended for wave tracks (which are limited to 2.0). This is why I need to make the minimum and maximum value of Envelope adjustable. I'm still working on that.

People reusing Time Track for other audio tracks do have the
possibility of importing all the files at once then export multiple.
So they would not even need to undo removal of the Time Track
or envelope points unless they wanted to modify a few points
before reuse, or re-render for greater "effect".
I don't really see why anyone would want to run the time track twice on the same audio, because after the first time the audio will be completely desynchronized with the time track, since time tracks don't 'warp' themselves. I think either muting the track or removing it completely (with the ability to undo of course) would be the most logical behaviour. The latter is consistent with what audacity currently does with wave track envelopes.

Maarten Baert