+1 as this will give more power and flexibility when batch editing...


On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 9:15 AM, Steve the Fiddle <stevethefiddle@gmail.com> wrote:
I understand that there is a difficulty (impossibility?) of adding
arbitrary plug-ins to Chain commands (because the Chain commands are
hard coded to Audacity effects?). However I was wondering if it would
be practically feasible to provide at least some access to Nyquist in

What I had in mind is either:

A) For there to be a "dummy" Nyquist effect (possibly called
"chain.ny") that can be added as an effect in a batch processing
chain. If this could be done (preferably with the facility to pass
parameters to the effect, though that would be an optional bonus
feature), then "chain.ny" could be manually edited to include
arbitrary Nyquist code for use in a processing chain.

B) An alternative approach might be to add the "Nyquist Prompt" to
Chains, in which the Nyquist Prompt text can be added as the

If either of these approaches is possible, then I'll submit something
along these lines as a new feature request, but there's obviously no
point doing so if it is impossible. Much appreciated if someone can
provide a little insight into the issues involved.


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