Hi Howie,
Here's a basic guide:
1. Open or import your audio
2. Highlight (by click-and-drag) a portion of the track which contains only the noise that you want to remove (tape hiss/ LP surface noise, background traffic etc.).
3. Select Effect/Noise removal... then click on "Get Noise Profile".
4. Place your cursor at the beginning of some part of the track you want try it out on.
5 .Select Effect/Noise removal... again, then you can click on Preview to hear result for some seconds. If you like the result then click Cancel,  move the cursor to the beginning of the track, select Effect/Noise removal... again then click OK.
6. If you don't like the result, experiment with the sliders, clicking Preview each time until you get an acceptable result, then click Cancel,  move the cursor to the beginning of the track, select Effect/Noise removal... again then click OK.
7. Check the whole track (if possible) and if there are parts you want to change, use Control-Z to remove the effect and start again.
Note it works best on continuous noise - it won't remove the occasional train passing by for example as the noise profile gathered is applied to the whole track continuously.
As soon as you have been approved, you will be able to post on the forum.
"Audacity" as such is not contactable as it is not a company - it is a free program put together (as I understand it) by a band of enthusiasts for the challenge and the love of it.

Kind Regards
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Windows Vista Home PREMIUM.
How do I use the noise cancellation on a large wav file?
Also how do I get my username and password fro one of the forums.?
I put what I thought was it and try to post but it says it would have to be approved since I`m not  a member??  
Seems I didn`t put the right info.
But since I can`t contact Audacity,how do I find out the info?

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