I checked the audacity web page and found it is in English, while
the language selection at the bottom of the page is Nihongo (Japanese).
Please double check.

2010/11/4 Gale Andrews <>

| From Atsushi YOSHIDA <>
| Wed, 3 Nov 2010 15:30:51 +0900
| Subject: [Audacity-translation] Japanese Web Translation
> I completed Japanese Web translation based on the latest POT file
> (2010/10/.30).

Thanks. I committed the file and it is now live on the site.

I noticed an unclosed </a> tag in faq.php, which I've now committed
a fix for and updated audacity_website.pot. You don't need to take any
action as I changed the incorrect tag in your .po file before committing
it (from </url> to </a>).


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