Dear People of the Nyquist Digest,

Please let me introduce myself.

My name is Sarn Ursell, and I am currently in the process of making music on my computer.

What I needed was a programming enviroment, which enabled me to work with sound, and I came across Nyquist, and I was delighted.

Look, I have seen all of the capabilitys of Mathematica, which does actually have a wavelette application expension application, and it could do everything that I needed, but, my word, the price is astronomical, we are talking about $8000 New Zealand.

Please may I ask you other members of the list-group to help me with my programming projects in Nyquist.

There were three which I wanted to start with, the first is merely just importing a *.wav file into audacity, and then using nyquist to design a plug in to convert the samples of that *.wav to another number base, say 16, 2, or 7, and then to reverse the digits of that number.

Thus 123 (base_7) would become 321.

The second project which I'd wanted to do was to map the binary digits of the *.wav samples in Audacity from binary;

E2^n *(0, 1) to:

En^2*(0, 1, 2, 3, 4)

...and this can give multiple values for the second of these two formula.

Thus  1403 would be  1*4^2+4*3^2+ 0*2^2+1^2*3=16+36+0+3=55, but many integers in binary have multiple values in yranib, and these can be maped back to regular base numbers, in this case, base_5.
I call the second of these two formula "yranib", whcih is binary spelt backwards.

By the way, the capital "E" is Sigma notation, anfd the difference between the two formula is that one is binary 2^n based, whilst the other has the {2, and the n}parts flipped and reversed to n^2.

The third and final project is quite a bit more complicated than this, and Nyquist might not be the correct enviroment for do do this.

What I had wanted to do is to take a *.bmp (a bitmap file in grey scale), and to convert each of it's pixels to a pure sine wave tone, representative of the grey scale, thus pure white would map to100Hz, lighter shades of grey would map to 200Hz, 300Hz, 400Hz, all the way up to the darker shades of grey which would map to 1300HZ, 1400HZ, and 1500Hz.

Pure black would be 1600Hz.

I mean, is there other free or cheap software which does this, if Nyquist cannot?

Please, I would like to collaborate with all of you on this, and I am just learning Nyquist.

A thorough in depth description of code sent to me would be necessecary.

Many thanks,

Mr.Sarn Richard Ursell.

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