on second try, I was able to replicate the issue I was having last night. if I change the title of the song, it gives me an error of "Message- Cannot export audio to (insert filepath)". however, if I DO NOT change the title of the song, or simply delete a portion of the song title, it exports beautifully. interesting.

Zack Forbing

On Sep 30, 2006, at 2:53 AM, wrote:

    | From Zack Forbing <> 
    | Sat, 30 Sep 2006 02:17:50 -0400
    | Subject: [Audacity-help] bug report
    | just wanted to report a bug in audacity 1.2.5 on a 2.66GHz quad Mac  
    | Pro (intel). this is using the new intel native build.
    | in trying to export an mp3 file, it simply tells me that it was not  
    | able to encode the file. I KNOW I have lamelib installed, just in  
    | case I downloaded the newest version of lamelib from your site, and  
    | still nothing. I went into the preferences, and MANUALLY found  
    | lamelib, but the data rate button is still greyed out. 

Sorry but the LameLib downloads on the LAME download page for
Mac are only suitable for Power PCs, and Intel versions of the Lame 
Library do not work with our Intel version of Audacity yet.

Meantime we'd advise you to export to AIFF, and convert to MP3
with iTunes. You set the conversion format in iTunes Preferences 
under Advanced > Importing > Import using MP3 encoder. Then 
you have a right-click option to convert each file.  iTunes has 
its own encoder, with quite a lot of options including Variable Bit
Rate Encoding.   

If you prefer to use LAME for MP3 encoding your easiest option would
be to download the "iTunes-Lame encoder"  

which launches an interface for the LAME encoder when you
convert to MP3 within iTunes.

Or you could try compiling LAME from the source code available at: 

    |  It also will not export as an aiff file either.  the project is pretty
    | simple too:   two stereo tracks. that's it.

What is the exact error message that is given , or what exactly happens? 

Gale Andrews

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