Thank you for your quick response.  I had asked as well and I did not receive a response either.  I'm sorry that there are people and companies that have taken credit for your work.  I'd say take it as a compliment, but even that is not enough with a program of Audacity's calibur.


On 12/31/05, Richard Ash <> wrote:
On Sat, 2005-12-31 at 13:00 -0500, Paul Legan wrote:
> I was just wondering if you've heard of a program called AVConverter
> ( ), as their interface and
> functionality looks VERY similar to that of Audacity.  Is this legal?
> I have been wondering if they have ripped off your source code or
> something for a while now, and I just wanted to bring it to your
> attention.  I love Audacity and I just don't want to see others making
> a quick buck off the hard work of others like you.

If they were prepared to to release the source of the demo version to
anyone who asked for it, and the source to the full version to anyone
who bought it then it would be legal under the GPL, but I've emailed
asking for demo source and had no response yet. They also need (but
don't) to credit audacity as the source of the code.

We've tried to do something about this, but unfortunately the company
producing it seem to be based in China, and we haven't had any luck yet.

Richard Ash