Hi bob
the first mp3 can be improved if you open audacity go to effects and apply a low pass filter to it and set it 24db rolloff and a q of 1, then set cutoff frequency to 5000 I think this improves it
the second one is way over the top, does the recording device have automatic level control it sounds as though the recording level is way to high and the automatic level is coming in to try and fix it and can not
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Hi all,

Here with a couple more airchecks, although this time they have plenty of high end. Hereís the first one, http://www.tophour.com/audio/Spokane%20WA/fm0969_2011-12_keze_wharms.mp3 I boosted the base and it worked, but at the end there seems to be a bit of clipping I canít get rid of. Then thereís the other one, with sort of distorted audio, http://www.tophour.com/audio/Spokane%20WA/fm0989_2011-11_kkzx_wharms.mp3 How can I clean these up?

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