I tried that, but when LTR word (any English text) comes into the sentence, it mixes everything. All words after it become the first words of the sentence.
I got crazy after the first sentence of the 'help about' screen where you have www references.
Any other ideas?
How did the Arabic translation overcome this issue?

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Subject [Audacity-translation] RTL translation issue
> I have some issue with the translation for right to left languages.
> Menus and screens translation is fine. 
> Issue exists in HTML like text, like in the help->about.
> I am getting the characters in the correct order but the words are mixed in reversed order.
> Again, this does not happen in "program" screens.
> I tired many right to left HTML tags with no success.
> I do not know how to resolve this issue.
> Any suggestions?

I don't have an answer except that wxWidgets might not necessarily
support RTL in HTML windows yet (their site is offline, though
older references on the web say it isn't supported).

And even in the program it looks as if right-align isn't supported?

For the HTML windows, how about the rather facile suggestion that
you write the words in reverse order? 


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