hi gale....

im going to buy a new soundblaster soundcard tomorrow..i lost the cd that came with this soundcard.thanks.


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On Sat, 13 Jun 2009 06:18:03 -0700 (PDT)
leonard schwartz <coonsanders@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i just got a new sound card a soundblaster product...it seems to be more powerful that the
> on board sound card i used.its got both a line in and a mike in instead of just a mike in.
> ok heres the problem..even when i put the mike slider all the way to the right i still cant get
> that mush power into audicity.i have the "line in"showing in that little drop down window.wh-
> at else can i do?thanks.

Tell us what you're are recording and how. Is it an LP and are you
connecting the amplifier to SoundBlaster line-in?

* If you are connecting from headphones out of the amplifier
   you may have to turn the volume control on the amplifier up.
   Line-out of the amplifier may be a higher quality output.

* It's possible you may have to control the input level in the
   Windows system mixer or the SoundBlaster control panel -
   especially if this is a very recent design of card and you are
   using Audacity 1.2.6 rather than 1.3.7.

* Have you installed the drivers for the SoundBlaster? They are
   probably on a CD that came with it, or you can get the latest
   ones from the Creative site:


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