another question

i saved a song from a record into my documents...ok it was saved and it had the "headphones" icon next to it..ok when i opeded it up in audacity i got an error message
saying cant find the data for this song and it couldent open up.what happened to this
song although its in my documents with the head phones..thanks..


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> If I understand you the answer is no ,if you record the tracks off a
> CD the a files assuming wav the titles are what the wav's are called
> MP3 's are the same .
> Lenny wrote:
> well i made cds from cd using cdx but it still didnt save the song titles.
> does something have to be configured here?

If you look under the "CDDB" menu in CDex, you will see there are
several ways of getting the the song titles: the freedb online database
(if this a commercially released CD); CD-Text; or a CD player ini.file. 

If the song title is available, the Track Names will be appear in CD-EX,
so the names of the ripped files will have that name. Although you can
then export multiple from Audacity with those file names as Mauro says,
the CD tracks you burn from those exported files will still only appear
as "Track01.cda" and so on in Windows Explorer, and the CD or
software player window will still only say "Track 01". But when you
burn the CD, you can manually add the title/artist information as

If the CD burning software and the CD drive support CD-Text, the
name of the song and the artist etc. should then appear in the player

If playing the CD on your computer, CD-ex can rip to FLAC, MP3, OGG
and other smaller-sized formats than WAV. This will increase the
amount of playing time on your CD, though of those three formats
mentioned, only FLAC is of perfect, lossless quality. If you rip to those
non-WAV formats, CDex will insert available Title/Artist/Genre and
similar information in the metadata tags in those files.


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>         hi
>         can u use audacity to save the song titles from a cd oe lps?i know u can do it manually but
>         can u use it 4 cds?
>         lenny

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