Hi, Everyone,

I've developed a new cross fade plugin, which has two features not in either of the two sets of fades available with the Audacity Distribution:

1) Two shape parameters which allow you to alter the shape of the fade, from strongly convex to strongly concave.   The default settings yield a linear fade, like the existing Fade In and Fade Out plug-ins.   Setting the primary shape parameter to +0.691 yields the same curve as the existing CrossFade set.

2) Operation to select either fade in,  fade out, or a true cross fade across two tracks.

The CROSS operation, when used with multiple track selections, causes the uppermost track to fade out , the next track down to fade in, the next fade out, then in, etc.   If you accidentally use this plug-in with an odd number of tracks, the In-Out state will be left the opposite of what you want.   There is a RESET operation to correct this should it happen.

There is one problem -- it fails with Audacity 1.3.7 and before.   The plug-in uses features of Nyquist which were finally implemented with 1.3.8.   Presumably with the next stable release, the Nyquist plugin version will be incremented to 4, to cover this situation.

I've never seen (probably because I didn't look hard enough) any procedure for publishing a plug-in.   Should I just paste it into a message here, or upload it to the Audacity Forum?