if you have some other app that supports VST effects, you could use this patch to share settings between both apps with the same effects. It's not limited to Windows, but I am only able to test it on Windows.

It could not be extended to other effect formats, since FXP is a Steinberg format, even limited to VST 2.x effects. I was told, that Cubase uses (or at least used) it to store effect parameters. Until now I don't have any VST 3 effects, nor do I know their format for storing parameters.

Practical use (which is why I came across adding FXP format to Audacity):
Since Audacity isn't able to apply effects while playing back audio, I finally managed my setup to use JackD and VSTHost to interactively set effects while playback. I'll post my steps to do this in some days, but you could read the main idea here:

When I found some working settings for an effect this way, I would like to apply this effect with exact these settings to my audio tracks in Audacity. To do that, it's easiest way to save the settings in VSTHost (where I set them up) and to load them into Audacity when I want to change my source audio.
Of course, one could simply "copy" the settings by matching the visual settings, but it's easier to save and load these, not only because you can then keep them for future use.
The fact that VST effects seem all be able to save and load program parameters simplified things here.

If there are standard formats for LADSPA and LV2 effects as well, someone should really care about these as well.
If you could point me to some (free) effects and some other application that stores their standard format along with some documentation on the format itself, I could try to implement these as well.

Until then - VST only, sorry.
(but the XML part is VST specific as well, so no disadvantage in only adding FXP to VST effects)

Is there some need to implement FXP (bank files) as well? I have no use for them atm, but it won't be too hard, I think...

Am 02.04.2014 16:05 schrieb Steve the Fiddle:
Hi Sven,

I can't comment on the patch as I'm neither a developer nor a Windows
user, but I was wondering if this could be extended to work with
LADSPA and LV2 effects.


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