On 9/23/2013 2:53 AM, Lasse Steen Bohnstedt wrote:
There's a problem with Leland's loop-detection in GetConnectedPin(..) - it prevents Audacity from finding all devices on my system - and those found have "generic" names (fx "input" and "output" rather than "microphone" and "speaker").
So, my suspicions mentioned here:


were correct.
Also I suppose the loop-detection has a memory leak as it doesn't clean up the array it creates (very minor problem).
Yep, never said it was complete...just asked for assistance in testing.
So should I try to refine the loop detection? It would be quite straightforward but still some coding required because it would mean testing values of several other variables besides the _conn_ variable.
On the other hand the timeout-with-the-magic-number version is a no-brainer - and it might be better to keep it simple?
What say you?
Absolutely continue on if you have the time.  You're about our best bet in getting this resolved properly.  Sure, the artificial limiter is okay (a "similar" limiter is already doing in the WDMKS code), but it would be nice to understand and resolve that actual problem.