I like this idea. I would just point out that by default, durations are all relative, and perhaps the confusing thing is that the 3.0 in (osc 72 3.0) is a stretch factor and not a duration. Of course, the nominal stretch factor is 1.0, so if you are introducing Nyquist to someone, it's convenient to pretend 3.0 is really duration, then later introduce the idea of the environment, stretch factors, and stretch operators. Since Audacity sets the default stretch factor in the environment to the length of the selection, users are exposed to these mechanisms immediately. I agree it would be simpler to have a "Generate" option that sets the stretch factor to 1.0 as in the top-level default evaluation environment of Nyquist. -Roger

On 5/10/13 9:34 AM, Steve the Fiddle wrote:
I'd like to propose a "Nyquist Generate Prompt" in addition to the
current Nyquist Prompt effect.

The advantage of a Nyquist Generate Prompt for users that are either
familiar with Nyquist, or are experimenting with Nyquist, is that it
greatly simplifies generating sounds and provides a means of
generating sounds (or labels) without first making a selection.

Much of the Nyquist documentation is written for standalone Nyquist
which is not subject to the time warping that occurs with Audacity
effects. It frequently confuses new users that they may read something
(osc 72 3.0)
which they are told will produce "middle C" for 3 seconds, but in the
Nyquist Prompt it (correctly for a "process" effect) produces middle C
for 3 times the duration of the selection. In an Interactive Nyquist
Generate effect the above code will generate the expected 3.0 seconds.

I believe that a Nyquist Generate Prompt would help to educate users
about the differences between Nyquist effects and Nyquist generators,
while also providing a convenient means to generate tones and more
complex signals.

The attached patch produces an Interactive Nyquist Generate effect
which appears in the Generate menu called "Nyquist Generate Prompt..."
This effect replaces the (slightly awkward and limited) Nyquist
plug-in of the same name that is currently available on the wiki:
and in the Audacity wiki documentation:


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