It's fairly easy to extend Nyquist by building an interface to a C function (using intgen, a pre-processor). This is easier in Nyquist itself as opposed to Nyquist running within Audacity. Nyquist supports a few system calls, can read/write files/directories, but I would not say Nyquist is "near the hardware" in the sense that, for example, C is. -Roger

On 12/5/10 1:11 PM, Eugeni Pulido Martín wrote:
Hello, My name is Eugeni and I'm new in nyquist. I chose Nyquist to make a little job for my university and I would like to learn how to program in Nyquist. specifically, i would know if a can program Nyquist in low level, "near the hardware" or using something near system calls.

I hope you can help me.

Everything you can say to me is welcome.


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