On Thu, 15 Apr 2010 17:37:45 -0600
A Ray <> wrote:
Hello to all you nice audacious people .......

Q.  If I'm trying to adjust the input volume, what should I be watching 
? The ends of the moving bars
      or the little vertical ticks to the right of the bars ?  Thanks 


Warch the red and blue ticks to right of the bars, which are the recent 
and maximum peak levels respectively in that recording session. If the 
blue touches the maximum level, the red clipping light to right of it 
will come on and you will have distortion in that place. 

A good suggestion may be to set the input level so the blue doesn't
go higher than say -6 dB. That gives you some headroom to apply 
effects to the recording if you want to.  You can amplify it higher if
you want as the last step before exporting. 

    That's very helpful. Thank you very much ....... Alan :-)

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