Leland wrote:
Leland wrote:
You can turn word wrapping on or off.
It does parentheses matching now.

It now sports a fancy, shmancy toolbar with small and large images 
courtesy of Tango.

Nice fancy shmancy toolbar :)

Some suggestions (I'm not presuming to know if these can be practically implemented)

Separate short-cut keys / toolbar items for "Clear Script Window" and "Clear Output Window". At present it is easy to accidentally clear the scrip window instead of the output window, and if the script has not yet been saved, then it is gone and "Undo" is not able to bring it back.

A visual indication of whether the Script window or the Output window was selected (such as highlighting the frame, or changing the background/foreground colour) would be another way to make accidentally deleting the script less likely.

Docking the Nyquist Workbench in the main Audacity window - OK so there's not much room.

A better, but probably less feasible alternative - Tabbed windows in Audacity so that the main Audacity screen is in the first tab and modules can be in additional tabs. (a keyboard short-cut for tab switching would be nice).

Parentheses matching seems to only work when the cursor is next to the closing ")". It would be good if it worked with the "(" as well. Also, the highlighting only flashes up momentarily, so with long scripts where vertical scrolling is required there is no chance of seeing the highlighted matching bracket.

"Undo" and "Redo" - are these functional? They don't appear to be.

"Find" highlighting makes the "found" words disappear (highlighted in white, the same colour as the background.