Dear Gale,

I can't get Audacity to record now - since I modified another partition on my HDD!

On my HP530 laptop I have 3 partitions: Windows7, DebianLinuxLenny, and vfat data. I have Audacity 1.3.5beta in linux, and 1.3.9 (I think) in Win7. I have a SoundBlasterMP3+ USB card plugged in, and linked to my hifi.

Aud135 used to work fine (except I didn't have the LAME encoder installed) with an external microphone (analog input jack to HP530) and the HP530 internal speakers. I never tried it on USB.

Problem 1:

Since I installed Win7 on the other partition, Aud135 (in linux) won't record from the microphone! (Both my sons say this is impossible, Dad is losing it.) I have ALL volume controls at max in <alsamixer>, and both sliders at max in Aud top left of window (although these don't seem to do anything?). There is no activity in the Recording level meters. Playback is unaffected.

Today (with SoundBlaster attached), Preferences/AudioIO/RecordingDevice gives me five choices:




ALSA:SoundBlasterMP3+:USBAudio (hw1,0)


None of these show any input from either the USBline or the ExtMic jack.

Help/AudioDevices shows the number of inputs to these devices as 16, 16, 2, 2, 128 respectively.

(I recently installed the LAME decoder, succesfully, but it hasn't affected the problem.)

Problem 2:

I can't get Aud135 (in linux) to use USB for playback, either.

Same setup as above (and it all works with Aud139 in Win7).  Test track recorded earlier (in Win7) at 48KHz.

Today (with SoundBlaster attached), Preferences/AudioIO/Playback gives me 13 choices ("using Portuadio vn19"):





ALSA:SoundBlasterMP3+:USBAudio (hw1,0)


ALSA:surround 40*

ALSA:surround 51*

ALSA:surround 71*





None of these give any output to USB, though the signal is visible in Audacity's green level-indicators. The ones with asterisks play OK through the HP530 internal speakers. Help/AudioDeviceInfo shows at least 2 output channels and 48KHz support for all 13 devices.

Your help would be much appreciated - I hate being dependent on Gates!