yea im not sure why its there myself...but when i tried it the timer turned on but it didnt have any vu metersit was strange.i guess im want to learn averything connected to aud-
icity because i had both roxio and nero and both were a dissappointment espically that
crappo roxio anyway thanks 4 responding..


--- On Fri, 6/12/09, James P. Girard <jpgirard@sunflower.com> wrote:

From: James P. Girard <jpgirard@sunflower.com>
Subject: Re: [Audacity-users] question
To: "Discussion list for Audacity users" <audacity-users@lists.sourceforge.net>
Date: Friday, June 12, 2009, 7:35 PM

It sounds to me as if you're asking for help with CDex, not Audacity.
I use both programs, but not in conjunction with one another. I'm not
even sure why or how I would do that. I've been using CDex a long
time and never noticed the Record option. It's interesting to know
it's there -- but I'm not sure why I'd use it instead of recording
into Audacity in the first place. I haven't tried it, but it appears
to me that, if you don't change the default parameters, the first
thing you record will be saved as "Record0.wav" in a "my music"
folder within the CDex program folder. I assume that the file is
saved when you hit "Stop." If it's not working, you might want to
take a look at "Record" in the CDex help files, which say that
whether this will work, or how well it will work, depends on your
particular configuration. Again, if you've got Audacity, I don't see
any reason to mess with this. CDex is essentially a ripper, and I
wouldn't expect it to do anything else as well as a program designed
for that purpose.


At 02:32 PM 6/12/2009, you wrote:
>hi gale
>i noted that cdex has a record option.i opened up my properties then
>checked line it and
>left the properties on my desk top i then did a recoding and the
>song wasnt saved to my
>computer with cdex.i can record with "windows sound recorder"but i
>cant seem to record
>with the same settings with cdex...why?

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