Following recent discussions on this list re. the preferred default import Preferences setting , you may remember that Vaughan came up with an interesting idea for 3-tiers of preferences to suit different skill levels.  I have added this idea to two relevant Proposal pages in the Wiki:



Vaughan wrote:
>Three different default sets of prefs, for "complete beginner",
>"familiar with digital audio", "power user", that one selects on first
>run after install?

Gale wrote:
>> Peter, if you want to, maybe it would be good to add Vaughan's idea of
>> three-tier preferences to:
>> and link to it on:
>> as something to be considered there. However I would contend it's almost
>> irrelevant to this issue because novices want to import fast just as much as
>> anyone else (as my mailbag testifies).  They would love it when we get to
>> the stage of OD-importing an MP3.   

Vaughan wrote
>Thanks. Yes, that suggestion is for post-2.0.