Hi Richard,
Thanks for the quick response.  I imported songs off of a CD each one into a separate Audacity "project".  Then I copied and pasted each one of the stereo tracks into one common compilation CD I was doing for a wedding ceremony.  The folder that I had this compilation project in did inadvertently get dragged into another folder by mistake and I figured that the single aup file couldn't find the path to the data folder. The question then became, is there a way to reconnect it?
Is there any way of reconnecting the existing aup file with the corresponding data folder manually?  I've tried doing a save as under another name and it did know to copy the data files and create a new corresponding data folder.  But it still wouldn't play. If a new link between was not created here, then am I going about the incorrectly or do I have to start from scratch?
Like I said, I have about 10 stereo tracks in which only one plays.  I was messing around with the import feature and got one of the other stereo tracks to start playing. I have not idea what I did, though.  Would there be some way, per chance, that using one of the import features, even on one of the files from the data folder, might renew the path between aup & data folder?
Thanks very much.

Richard Ash <richard@audacityteam.org> wrote:
On Tue, 2005-12-27 at 03:26 -0800, G. Ober wrote:
> I saved a project (aup and au data) files. It was working fine when I
> saved it. A few days later, I only get playback on one out of
> 10 stereo tracks in the same project. I have about 9 other stereo
> tracks in the same project that I can't get to play. All the mute and
> solo buttons are off. The name of the aup file is the same as the
> "data" folder.
> Please help me solve this. I just downloaded 1.2.4b but that didn't
> help.
> I'm running XP home.

Were the other 9 tracks created by importing WAV files into audacity?
WAV files which you have subsequently deleted, moved or renamed?

You are getting silence because audacity has tried to link to the
external files to play the data, but can no longer find them to load the
information when required.

To avoid the problem in the future (at the expense of larger project
data folders and slower exports) you can set audacity to copy all
imported files to the _data directory.

Do this by setting the "When Importing Uncompressed Audio Files into
Audacity" option on the File Formats tab of the preferences to "Make a
copy of the file before editing" as opposed to "Read directly from the
original file"

Richard Ash

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