Hi Daniil
Thank you for your response. I've tried the pitch shift, and actually achieved it in another program but for some reason my Audacity doesn't seem to accept pitch shifts of an entire octave down. It does accept pitch shifts up however - very frustrating.  Could you please tell me how you achieved the pitch shift down, as this would help immensely.
With regards to the click track, I do use headphones. The click track is the in-built Audacity one so I record my guitar input whilst the click track plays through my headphones, but as I mentioned there is some bleed of the click track into the guitar track.  However, if I record multiple guitar tracks one after the other (ie play along with the existing guitar track featuring click track bleed), there is no bleed - so another very frustrating quirk!

Thanks again for your response.


"Daniil V. Kolpakov" <dan@riga.lv> wrote:
В сообщении от Friday 28 October 2005 18:05 Zac Stephenson написал(a):
> Does anyone know where I can get a good bass guitar plug-in. I'm currently
> recording with an acoustic guitar and adding digital effects but don't have
> one that will replicate a bass. All I've been doing to this point is using
> the built-in bass booster but that's not satisfactory enough.

I've had the same problem. I was trying to imitate bass guitar with plain
6-string electric guitar, and also with a keyboard synth. In the end, I've
gave up and bought an bass guitar (and a Behringer BDI-21, bass amp
simulator/DI box).

Having that said, you can try to use pitch shift effect to lower the pitch one
octave down (that's what I've used at some point). You can also try to mix
the unmodified sound with the low-pitched (just duplicate recorded track
before applying pitch-shift, and play with original/pitch-shifted tracks
volume afterwards).

> Also, whenever I record with a click track there is some "bleed" into the
> recorded track - ie if I record a guitar track playing along to the
> clicktrack I can hear the click in the guitar track. Does anyone know how I
> can stop this?

Use headphones :)

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