Thanks to Steve for his reply.  I'm not the expert Steve is but I don't think I understand the answer.

The suggestion is that Alesis only provided me with Windows drivers that support 2 tracks (nonASIO)  I know this isn't true since I can tell by the makeup of the drivers that it does provide ASIO support in Windows 7 and can confirm this by using other multitrack softwares in Win 7 and can pull multiple channels in at once.  So I don't need to compile audacity with ASIO support since the ASIO support is provided by the Manufacturer.

So what we are left with is why Audacity will work in multitrack 'mode' with this mixer in Xp but will not in Windows 7.  Does someone who is familiar with the Win 7 and Audacity have input on how any changes to Audacity that allow Win 7 functioning would perhaps have removed the driver support that is provided by the manufacturer of the equipment?

As a second issue, below is pasted Steve's reply as it comes through in my email (I get the digest version of Audacity messages) how come I get all the extra gibberish characters?  Is there a way to get clean text in the digest version?