Hi Folks,

I have been trying to record in OS10.2.1 on an eMac, and have had no success, with either the built in audio line in, or through an Audiosport Quattro USB interface by Midiman.
If I try it on Widows 98 on my Dell laptop, no problem.  Seems the Windows version is more developed.
I teach audio at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and we recently went to OS 10 for all our Mac labs.  I used to teach ProTools Free, in OS 9, and we are considering Audacity, because it is a free cross platform downloadm and ProTools Free is not available for OS X.
At AIP, we use recent G4's (just before Quicksilver models) with iMic USB devices for inputs.
Any comments or tips are most appreciated.

-Cy Anderson

Cyrus Sound
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