Edgar wrote:

> (get-temp-path)
> Returns the full path of the system's TEMP directory as a string.

I'm the person who orignally brought up the problems with Steve about finding a safe directory for writing files.  

I'm currently running 1.3.10Beta on Win XP/SP3.
and for this situation, Edgar's statement is incorrect.

(get-temp-path) returns the string:


which is the old MSDOS way of truncating long file names to the 8.3 DOS format.

So this really points to
"C:\\Documents and Settings\\<username>\\Local Settings\\Temp"

(Luckily the (open Filename :direction :output) function also accepts the 8.3 format.  I presume that the OS-X and Linux versions don't do this 8.3 nonsense.)

This directory should be a safe place for writing temporary files, but there is no guarantee that the user won't "clean up" the hard drive by deleting all files in Temp directories, thus clobbering any supposedly permanent files set by a plug-in.

I'm writing a complex, script-driven signal generator plug-in, and I need a place for sample scripts which are distributed with it, and also a second directory for the user to place any new scripts they write.   This means that the plug-in must have a reliable  way to find a small file which contains the strings pointing at the other two directories.   I could put it in a temp directory somewhere, but this may get deleted, so I'd rather not use a temp directory.

It really seems like we need a Nyquist function which will return the users "home" directory on Windows, usually "C:/Documents and Settings/<user>/My Documents" (for English Windows, anyway.)