I got ASIO 4 ALL though the BEHRINGER site. They have a whole bunch of software that they distribute for windows

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On Sun, 02 Jun 2013 10:34:08 +0200
Michael Schnell <mschnell@bschnell.de> wrote:
> On 01.06.2013 23:20, gale@audacityteam.org wrote:
>  > VST input device and Jack support
> Sounds great. Both seem doable and viable.
> > Again I am not a lawyer as to whether such support is distributable.
> In fact an important point is that the potentially critical do not need to
> be distributed anywhere near Audacity. As a VST or a Jack DLL that
> provides ASIO support has no genuine connection whatever to Audacity.
> It can be obtained "anywhere".

This can still be tricky, because the internal support for that
"distributed-somewhere-else functionality" may still have to
be distributed in Audacity.

The former "VST Bridge DLL" which was offered separately was
not as functional as the current VST support offered by the
VeSTige open source header. 

Even if it was acceptable to distribute ASIO support as a
by-product of distributed JACK support, IMO that isn't a very   
user-friendly way of offering ASIO (though more friendly than
asking users to compile Audacity).


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