Vaughan wrote:
>We need to focus on things we can actually do.
+1 hear, hear !
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From: Vaughan Johnson <>
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Subject: [Audacity-devel] back to coding style (was diverged dto Re: Mailing list guidelines)

On 2/8/2013 12:09 AM, Rob Sykes wrote:
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> It's hardly trolling to suggest a guideline when there isn't one in evidence;
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You didn't quote me about the "troll" comment, so I need to point out
that what I referred to was not even on the mailing list guidelines
topic. It was about coding style. Campbell cited his experience as
reason we should accept his argument. That's anecdotal, not about the
merit of the argument itself, not compelling, and as lots of us have
lots of experience, not convincing.

I had already agreed from the outset, it's much better to have a
consistent, high quality coding style. So it was bringing in an
irrelevant anecdote, to continue to argue about a point on which there
was already agreement -- definition of troll.

Anyway, that horse is long out of the barn for Audacity, and as I wrote,
we don't have resources to completely rewrite Audacity in a new
indentation/capitalization/etc style. And then the responses I got were
more about why it's good to have consistent coding style (again, and not
disagreed!). Dominic decided early on to accept a range of styles, to
encourage participation. So that's another decision we don't really need
to revisit.

We need to focus on things we can actually do.


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