I am experiencing some weird behaviour in the Device Toolbar
on bth my W7 laptop and my XP desktop with the Windows
Direct Sound Host with stereo mix/
Basically when I use WDS the mic slider becomes grayed-out and
inoperable if I try to explicitly set the input to stereo mix from my
onboard soundcard or output to the soundcard.  Seems to work fine
when I use WDS with selecting "Primary Sound device" and "Primary
Sound Capture" from the drop-downs.  Also works fine either way if I
set MME as the host (Microsoft Sound Mapper" or explicit souncard).
This is a regression on 2.0.2 behaviour, testing today on 2.0.3 8Jan
nightly - but also happens all the way back through 2.0.3 5Dec, which
is that latest nightly available on Gale's site.
Steps to repoduce on W7 laptop/Realtek
1) Run Audacity 2.0.2
2) set the Device Toolbar to:  WDS, Speakers Realtek, Stereo mix
    Realtek, 2(stereo).
3) all ok
4) Close 2.0.2
5) Open 2.0.3 8Jan
6) Mic slider is grayed out and inoperable
Further steps to reproduce:
7) now select MME as the host
8) device settings remain as set in step 2 above
9) select WDS as the host
10) device settings change to "Primary Sound ..."
      and mic slider remains operable and not grayed-out
11) change any of the 3 device settings
12) the mic slider jumps to the right end of scale and is grayed
       out and inoperable.
I have not consciously made any upgrades to devive drivers, but
I do receive and usually accept updates from MS - so it is possible
I guess that this could be a driver issue and not an Audacity one.
There are obviously workarounds:
a) use MME
b) use WDS with "Primary Sound ..." device settings.
But since this is a regression on 2.0.2 it is likely to be encountered
by our users when they upgrade to 2.0.2
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