From: Vaughan Johnson <>
Sent: Monday, 17 December 2012, 6:32
Subject: Re: [Audacity-devel] SoX resampling

Sorry, the previous commit did build for me, but after Clean, it failed
compile on call to soxr_set_io_ratio(), which I don't see defined. I've
update from git and patches, but don't see some of the files that were

AFAICT, the version of libsoxr in Audacity SVN is still at 0.0.3, so maybe a commit went astray somehow?

Note that the version in git now calls itself 0.0.5 (in CMakeLists.txt), as it has one or two (non-functional) changes over what was issued at 0.0.4.

Rob, it looks like the new var-rate methods for libsoxr need to be
instantiated differently from the const rate. If that's right, then we
still need the ConstRateResample vs VarRateResample class distinctions.

The test for minimumRate != maximumRate could now be pushed (back) into the constructor of the resampler classes, removing the need for the ConstRateResample vs VarRateResample class distinctions, but I'd hesitate to do so at the moment as the current scheme is more flexible and I don't think the dust has quite settled on all this yet (and can't be said to have done so at least until 2.0.3 has spent some time out in the wild).