Management Summary
-1  for "One-click Fade Out"
 for Musical Fade Out"
+1 for "Pro Fade Out".
Steve's Pro Fade Out has recently been committed and is
now available in the Alpha nightlies.
It has been committed under the name:
"One-click Fade Out"
which I think is not an appropriate nomenclature.
Gale wrote on the dev email thread
>Apart from lower case "o" of "out", that name confuses
>with Fade Out which is also "one click". So users will have no idea what
>the main difference is unless RTFM and may even be discouraged
>from using it (IMO).
I agree with Gale here and would go further -*if* we retained this
nomenclature the o of out should definitely be capitalized and I would
query the use of the hyphen in "One-click.
Richard Ash changed the nomenclature when he made the commit stating:
"commit a no-options Fade Out effect by Steve Daulton, re-naming
from Pro Fade Out as that doesn't describe what it does".
My issue with that is that both of our existing fades (the linear and the
"cross fade") are also both one-click and thus it lacks proper differentiation.
Nor does it really do what Richard is getting at as it doesn't really tell
you what the fade does (just how it operates).  The earlier name we
discussed "Musical Fade Out" would be more descriptive.
Steve Daulton the author of this fade wrote:
>The reason for returning to the "Pro" nomenclature is not only that
>they sound "more professional" than linear fades, but because they
>will be 'programmable' with a simple configuration tool. (the name is
>not essential).
As the author Steve has thought longer and harder about the nomenclature
than any of the rest of us - and I agree with both his reasoning and his
conclusion.  The "Pro Fade Out" - whilst only partly appropriate as a name
right now (you could argue, and some have, that it is not a proper professional
fade) - but when Steve later releases the configurator tool for this fade
(currently in alpha testing and development) then the name will become
much more appropriate, as he explains, hinting at the "Pro"grammable
nature of the extended effect.
Richard wrote
>If we agree to call it something else, it doesn't take much to commit
>the change.
So he is obviously open to discussion and reasoned argument here.
If we do see a need to change it, and I think we should, I could live with
"Musical Fade Out", I could not easily live with "One-click Fade Out" - my
preference is to retain the original "Pro Fade Out".
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