for consistenvy rename Audacity's existing Help menu item from
"Quick Help" to "Getting Started".
From doing some maintenance on the Manual's "Getting Started"
pages I noticed that there is a mis-match in the page's nomenclature.
Gale and I have been discussing this on a recent Manual email thread:
The Navigation menu bar in the Manual lists the item as "Getting Started".
The page you land on when following that link  is titled "Quick Help" but
its intro note states Welcome to the "Getting Started" guide for Audacity.
This could be dealt with entirely within the manual but for the fact that
Audacity has an entry in the Help menu labelled "Quick Help".
Gale and I both agree that we think "Getting Started" is a more apposite
term.  Audacity's other Help link to the Manual is really the quick help imo
and the information in the GS/QH pages is clearly aimed at rank novices
who are just starting out with Audacity.
Gale wrote the he believes that such a rename  "would encourage
uptake of the "Quick Help"/"Getting Started" pages" - and I agree with
him in this.
I believe that we really do need some consistency in this - which means
that if we don't change the menu item in  Audacity then we need to change
the nav bar entry in the Manual - but I do not support this.
Is there further support for this proposal?
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