I performed the download of the Audacity 1.0.0 and it's amazing! Congratulations!
    So I tryed the version 1.1.3 (the last) and things begun to fail:
1) The message "Warning: There is very little free disk space left on this volume. Please select another temporary dicectory in your preference" apeared on my screen. With the former version this wasn't happen (I have 350Mb of free space in the root directory where the program is instaled - on C);
2) As I play the file, the sound begins to stop-and-go all the time and something like a "click" apears. This "click" is not the clipping efect becouse it happens with low amplitude.
I turned off the "scroll while play" function but it doesn't solve the problem.
My configuration is:
Pentium 266, Win98SE, 44Mb RAM, sound board Yamaha OPL-SAX.
The first version run smothly, even when playing one track and scrolling horizontaly other track at the same time! I tryed to uninstal the former version, but realy there wasn't incompatibilty (as you said at your site) and the problem is steel there.
I'd would like to translate this program to Portuguese, If you wish, but first I'd like to see it running properly.
Best Regards,
Walter Jr.

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