Maybe, but we'd need more information.  Internal or external?  2-channel?  Home audio playback?  Home stereo recording?  PC or Mac?  What do you want to do with it?  What sound card are you using?  Desktop or laptop?  What problem are you attempting to solve?
Also, every sound card already has an A-D converter built in.  Some of them are even good.  Have you used the one in your sound card and not liked the quality?  Some of the latest generation Sound Blaster (Creative Labs) cards - the Audigy2 series in particular - are quite listenable at the price IMO.  You'd need a $4,000.00+ playback system to exceed the quality.
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Subject: [Audacity-users] [off topic] A/D Converter

Does anyone know of a good analog to digital converter for under $100.


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