Help requested:


In general, it would seem possible to have a computer as the control center for an instrument. This computer control center could be used for performance, playing backup tracks, recording, editing, etc.


Most guitars (and the like) use a number of effects (stomp boxes/racks) for live performance and/or recording, and then other “in program” effects for editing or playback.


In particular, the Pedal Steel has pickups to volume pedal to rack of preamp/effects to power amp to speakers. Then there is the computer for programs like BIAB, recording, sequencing, playing tracks, et al. Most such programs contain a tuner, which is another rack item.


It should be possible to use the computer (at the instrument) as the source of preamp and effects to be used for live and/or recording (on the computer) … just needs a set of effects AHEAD of the recording software. This would eliminate the need for the rack (preamp/effects). The computer then can be used wireless to the amps, which can be in the speaker cabinets = Active.


The above approach leads to less equipment to lug around, and no long cables and attendant signal losses. Wireless is upon us in the computer these days and advancing rapidly. Active speakers are becoming popular. The rec/edit/backup programs/software have some great effects built in, but not available at the front end (input) … why should they not be? ….true, many editing effects are concerned with latency, but the simple ones of echo, reverb, delay, chorus, phasor, etc that are used in live performance are context independent so could be used for a lead instrument if placed at the signal entrance point.


Is there a way to accomplish the desired effects positioning solution in your available software? Is it worth doing in future editions?


Thanks for your consideration;

Ed packard