I don't see anything like this and I use Windows.  As far as HTML is concerned, if you don't like it why are you posting in it?  As absolutely no one else has complained about this then maybe you should check out your settings.
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From: Jimi Photon
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Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2005 12:48 PM
Subject: [Audacity-users] dumb question

hey folks.
how come the audacity letter is so full of %^$%&---..,./,><>< kinda crud all the time???
makes it really freeekin hard to read...
is it because some of us won't get with the program and dump linux for windows???
<j/k, really>
serious;y, what causes this crap and how can it be fixed???
i can barely read half of the posts anymore it seems.
crap like this, i mean, and HTML coding...
3E I recently got a new computer=2E  On my old computer=2C I have no =

=3E trouble with the drop down box which allows you to select the =

=3E source of the sound=2E
=3E =

=3E On my new computer=2C the outline of the drop down is visible=2C but =

=3E it is not active=2E  You can not click and it open to select =

=3E microphone=2C line ine etc=2E
=3E =

=3E What do I need to do=3F
=3E =