What I am trying to do is copy some music (very valuable to me) from a cassette tape to a wav. file so I can then burn it to cd.  Once I get the music to a wav file I will be alright.  I just tried recording using audacity 1.0 and I couldnt get it to record the music. It showed that it was recording but there was a flat-line so I would quess it wasnt picking up an input.  Basically I have a cassette player with right and left line-outs.  I have RCA cord going from the line-outs to an stereo adapter with a 1/8" mini plug that goes into my sound card.  
I'm not a wiz with computers so it could be user error.  If you could help me I would really really appreciate it. 
Also, I would like the best possible quality when recording so let me know if 1.1 version is better then 1.0.
If you could please call me at:  507-288-8088
or send me a phone number so I can talk to someone.
jeff strand