Our church uses Audacity to record services. We attach a external hard drive (HD) to record to and have set the "Preferences" tab, "Directories" to this HD (d:) After the service we save the Project as "xyz" and wait about a minute and then leave (exit) the program. We do not disconnect the HD before the PC has stopped and do not start the PC before the HD is connected. When we open the HD at home, the xyz_data folder is empty and there are two xyz.aup files, the one of about 1Mb and the other of variing capcities, usually between 60 and 120Mb. The latter file is named xyz.aup.bak. I cannot recover the service from either (I surmise because the xyz_data folder is empty).
Can you direct a confused fellow how to avoid this. I should mention that when I leave the program (exit it), I always select "Yes" when asked If I want yo save my alterations.
Thank you, I have been using Audacity at home for my own recordings and fin it superb.
SS Yssel
South Africa